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Members of the MN South LWML Board of Directors

Position First Name Last Name Phone Contact Form
President Margaret Hesemann 507-220-5510 Contact Me
Vice President of Christian Life Debi Mahoney 612-756-3326 Contact Me
Vice President of Communication Wendy Greiner 507-340-7678 Contact Me
Vice President of Human Care Pamela Hunter 952-447-6772 Contact Me
Recording Secretary Mary Kay Mages 507-276-9015 Contact Me
Financial Secretary Joann Rosenfeld 507-317-1009 Contact Me
Treasurer Darlene Fretham 507-723-6230 Contact Me
Pastoral Counselor 1 Larry Griffin 507-334-9610 Contact Me
Meeting Manager Renee Chambard 612-839-0459 Contact Me
Parliamentarian Irene Mensing 507-526-3430 Contact Me
Editor Diane Frauendienst 507-248-3800 Contact Me
Circulation Manager Carolyn Wagner 507-866-4614 Contact Me
Webmaster D Delores McGillivray 507-288-6948 Contact Me
LWML Store Manager Juliene Klaustermeier 952-442-0422 Contact Me
Nominating Committee Chairman Patti Pierson 507-669-2371 Contact Me
Committee on Young Women Co-Chair 1 Kelli LaVoie 218-820-9578 Contact Me
St Paul Metro Zone President Beth Schuster 651 631-8956 Contact Me
Arlington Zone President Donna Wolter Contact Me
Litchfield Zone President Lillian Kent 763-682-8984 Contact Me
Mankato Zone President Wanda Schwartz 507-387-1660 Contact Me
McLeod Zone President Glenda Schuft 320-864-4162 Contact Me
St Croix River Zone President Ruth Ann Moldenhauer 651-735-4515 Contact Me
Southeast Suburban Zone President Lois Petersen 952-322-3436 Contact Me
Minneapolis Metro Zone President Ruth Hickey 612-724-1136 Contact Me
Southwest Suburban Zone President Pamela Hunter 952-461-6772 Contact Me
Lake Minnetonka Zone president Anna Gerber 952-475-9168 Contact Me
North Carver Zone President Ruth Bury 952-955-2836 Contact Me
South Carver Zone President Helen Anderson 952-448-5966 Contact Me
Austin Zone President Chyeral Stohlmann 507-433-2252 Contact Me
Faribault Zone President Gloria Kenow 507-451-6941 Contact Me
Waseca Zone President Judie Waters 507-835-7414 Contact Me
Blue Earth Zone President Julie Ebert 507-235-9505 Contact Me
Pipestone Zone President Laurie Giff 507-825-5539 Contact Me
Sherburn Zone President Carol Henning 507-847-3463 Contact Me
Worthington Zone President Caroline Witt 507-678-2717 Contact Me
Lake Pepin Zone President Nancy Kohrs 507-876-2806 Contact Me
Rochester Zone President Dorothy Zemke 507-356-8647 Contact Me
Winona Zone President Kathy Kohner 507-454-6456 Contact Me
Pastoral Counselor 2 Rev Loel Wessel 507-346-2793 Contact Me
Pastoral Counselor 4 Eric Nelson 320-395-2573 Contact Me
Archivist-Historian Lois Marquardt 507-374-6566 Contact Me
ENews Editor Roxanne Pieper 952-873-6549 Contact Me
Webmaster J Joy Anderson 612-423-1204 Contact Me
Quarterly Manager Jeanne Ponto 507-360-9978 Contact Me
Committee on Young Women Co-Chair 2 Tracy Eickhoff 9523689844 Contact Me
Registration Chairman 1 Michelle Prigge 507-450-9204 Contact Me
YWR 1 Contact Me
YWR 2 Contact Me
Northwest Suburban Zone President Madelyn Krinke 763-441-4589 Contact Me
H2H rep Kalia Lo 651-762-9619 Contact Me
Asst Meeting Manager Joan Luedtke 507-236-8031 Contact Me
Vice President of Gospel Outreach Deb Vinkemeier 218-245-2502 Contact Me
Convention Chairman 1 Nancy Kohrs 651-345-4319 Contact Me
Transportation Coordinator Joyce Swedean 651-688-8245 Contact Me
Convention Chairman 2 To Be Determined 651-345-4319 Contact Me