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Gospel Outreach

Mission Grants Projects 2016-2018 Biennium

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Mite monies should be sent to Joann Rosenfeld, Financial Secretary

44356 – 220TH STREET, ARLINGTON MN 55307

Phone: 507-317-1009

OR you can now donate to mites online

Grant Name

Amount of Grant

Previously Paid

Paid This Quarter

Unpaid Balance

Dwelling Place - Transitional Housing Program, Domestic Violence Shelter, Twin Cities $10,000    

Paid in Full

Tuition Assistance for Students Seeking a Lutheran H.S. Education, MNS District $60,000  28,500 0 27,351
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis Food Bank $5,000     Paid in Full
Mission Central, Current Missionary Need $10,000     Paid in Full
MNS District Student Aid Scholarships (for fulltime professional church workers) $40,000  24,289


Paid in Full
Concordia Theological Seminary Food Co-op, Ft. Wayne IN $10,000     Paid in Full
Trinity/HOPE $5,000     Paid in Full
Camp Omega Rooted Celebrating "Growing" Capital Campaign $20,000     Paid in Full
Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM) $7,500     Paid in Full
Soldiers of the Cross $5,000     Paid in Full
Catechisms for Sudan & MN Sudanese Immigrants $8,000     Paid in Full
Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane, South Africa $15,000    

Paid in Full

Pastoral Training for Alaskan Native (partial)


    Paid in Full
District Goal $198,750  


National Goal $66,250       
Total Goal $265,000