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Human Care

The ‘Gifts from the Heart’ recipients for the 2018 MN South District LWML Convention are pregnancy and family service agencies within the Whitewater Conference, hosts for the convention.

Grace Place – Winona (Winona Zone)

New Life Family – Rochester (Rochester Zone)

1st Choice – Redwing (Lake Pepin Zone)


We will be collecting ‘Baby Kits’ as well as separate items for the three centers.

        ~ Baby Kits ~                                                                 ~ Separate Baby Supplies ~
• Baby Wipes*, flat packet                                                       -Box/pkg. diapers: NB – sz. 5/6, also Pullups or Swimmers
• Baby Shampoo*                                                                    -Formula
• Baby Wash*                                                                          -Pack-n-Play sheets (new)
• Baby Lotion*                                                                         -Baby clothing: NB – 3T
• Baby comb or Brush                                                              -Christian storybooks
• Onesies: NB–24mos.(2 or a pkg.)                                          -Christian Lullaby CDs
• Receiving blanket                                                                 -Christian tracts, devotions, etc for new moms
     *Unscented, if possible                        

All Kit items should be placed in a 2 gallon ‘Ziploc’ plastic bag.            
~ Please label with the Onesie size ~


We will be collecting ‘Hospice Kits’ for Global Health Ministries to be distributed world-wide. 

~ Hospice Kits ~                  

  • 1 – bath towel, 52-54” (New or very gently used)    
  • 1 – wash cloth  (New or very gently used)  
  • 1 – bath-size bar of soap,wrapped & unscented
  • 1 – toothbrush, in original individual package    NO TOOTHPASTE
  • 1 – pick-style comb
  • 6 – Band-Aids, banded together
  • 1 – jar or tube, 4oz. or larger Petroleum Jelly, lid taped
  • 1 – pair heavy-duty kitchen-type gloves, sz. medium
  • 1 - nail clipper
  • Christian tracts, Mustard Seeds, etc.                             

Please follow these directions carefully for this kit:          
1. Lay items on the towel and fold towel to enclose everything.                              
2. Place the wrapped items in a 2 gallon or larger ‘Ziploc’ plastic bag.                    
3. Include note: ‘Hospice Kit’ so that it is visible through the bag. Squeeze air out of the bag before sealing.                       
Coming to convention with your 'Gifts from the Heart':
• Please have a tally sheet of the total number of ‘Kits’ and of individual baby items included with your donations.
• Further details as to the ‘Gifts from the Heart’ drop-off location and times will be communicated when known.
• Volunteers will be needed to help sort, divide and box. Contact Pam Hunter, VP of Human Care if you are willing to volunteer. 


Below are some great resources for Service project ideas:

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Pamela Hunter
VP of Human Care