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Human Care

Summer! We relish these warm days and all the outdoor activities that come with it. Summer also brings the event that causes many cars to squeal to a stop; doing a U-turn if necessary! And that would be… the GARAGE SALE!

As I was checking out ideas on the LWML site under Service in the Mission Servants area, I found this unique project from August of 2016. Have you ever heard of a “No-Cost Garage Sale”?

The “No-Cost Garage Sale” isn’t really a sale at all. Items are donated by members of the society and congregation. Diapers, Arch books, etc. could be purchased and donated. How about thinning out your many bibles and donating a few? Besides the usual way to advertise, flyers could be posted at food pantries, and at other organizations that are supporting people in need.

More details for this project and many other ideas can be found at the Mission Servants site.

If your group or church has held a mission servant activity, please share through the LWML email at Pictures of your event are also appreciated.

Have a blessed and safe summer!

Pamela Hunter

V.P. of Human Care