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Human Care

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! We honor our mothers through cards, flower, gifts or perhaps dinner. How about blessing those who may not have family close to them? You could honor ladies in your congregation, at a senior home, neighbors, and family. The Mission servant activity from May of 2018 also offers ideas for helping those who have suffered a loss of a child or are struggling to conceive. Visit the Mission Servants Activity page for more information.  


One way to honor women in general, would be to have a ‘Friendship Tea”. You could do as simple or as elaborate as you want. The idea is to bring women together to relax, enjoy fellowship time while also being in the Word! Here is a wonderful resource from the Mission Servant event for April 2018. Take ideas from it and make it your own. 


As we move into summer and head towards Memorial Day and the 4th of July, we think of our military men and women who defend our country. Check out Operation Barnabas for ideas or explore other sources online


The 2019 National LWML Convention’s Gifts from the Heart are listed in detail in the Quarterly Winter 2018 Convention Insert, page C. Please consider choosing one as a project for your society to also involve your congregation.


On the LWML website there is a resource called, “LWML Toolkit Kits”. There are a wide variety of kit ideas. You can also find Servant ideas at this link, Sharing Jesus' Love Through Action 2019 — A Year's Worth of Mission Service Activities and Mission Service Activities Archive.


Please share an activity your society, church or zone has done to be a servant to others. You can email our eNews editor, Roxanne Pieper at National also likes to hear from you at Pictures are always appreciated.

Pam Hunter

VP of Human Care