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2017 LWML Prayer Service
Lutheran Women's Missionary League Celebrating 75 Years of
Commending Christ From One Generation to Another

One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts (Psalm 145).
by Rev. Dr. Steve Turner


We are gathered here today as women and men of the church who are in our generation to be witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of us lament “the generation gap” that seems to be growing with the acceleration of changes in our culture. There are times when we long for the “good old days.”  Our worship for today is to remind us that God continues to work in our days.  That He is the God of all generations!

Downloads for the 2017 LWML Prayer Service and cover artwork are available on the LWML website at

If you are unable to download the service please contact the LWML Office at or call1-800-252-5965 to obtain a paper copy.



 2016 LWML Prayer Service

“Wanted: Workers in God’s Harvest Field”

by Pastor John Heckmann, LWML Pastoral Counselor

The 2016 LWML Prayer Service expands on the themes of “Sow ● Nourish ● Reap” from the Des Moines LWML Convention. Whether it is the thousands of acres farmed in Iowa and other states, our own backyard, or the field our Heavenly Father allows us to tend and nourish with and through His means of grace, this service offers a time of worship revolving around the various tools needed to bring about a bountiful harvest.  

The service offers opportunities for:

·       singing;

·       learning a little bit about farming practices through the ages;

·       Confession and Absolution;

·       very small group discussion; and

·       prayer

Downloads for the 2016 Prayer Service and cover artwork are available at If you are unable to download the service please contact the LWML Office at or call 1-800-252-5965 to obtain a paper copy. 



Sing a New Song!

"Praise, Love, Serve"
(Based on LWML Pledge)

Our God and Father, made the earth, And when we went astray,
Our God, the Son, descended here To take our sins away.
With His own blood He bought us. He broke the bonds of sin.
Then God the Spirit came into Our hearts to dwell within.

In gratitude we pledge ourselves, To Him with all we have.
Our hands will work; our voices sing; Our lips proclaim His love.
His errands we’ll do gladly; His Gospel we’ll defend;
Our silver and our gold we’ll use — His Kingdom to extend.

Wherever He has need of us, We will His call obey.
Whenever He calls out to us, We’ll answer right away.
His will is ours that lost souls Will turn away from sin
And come to have eternal life Through fellowship with Him.

Pledge: Rev. Harry Fricke, 1955                                                                     
Tune: O Little Town of Bethlehem, (Lutheran Service Book 361)


Sing this new song with at a society meeting or rally. The ready to print version is free and located on the LWML website at Get it in large print too.

Opportunities for service are all around us. Gladly serve Him where and when He sends you.

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