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for the Month of September 2018

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September 2018 eNews


Edition 23

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September 2018

eNews ... a monthly email publication of news and information
by and for the women of the LWML MN South District.

Our LWML MN South District Committee on Young Women

A message from our Committee on Young Women Co-Chairs, Tracy Eickhoff and Kelly LaVoie:

Thank you for supporting your zone YWRs this year at the 2018 District Convention.  We enjoyed getting to know the fabulous young women in our district who have a love fot the Lord and desire to do his work through LWML.  With the shortened convention time we worked hard to encourage them to meet people in our organization, have fun and learn about the LWML. The two items we enjoyed doing the most included our devotion titled "Coffee Shop Grace" that was presented Saturday morning of the convention. And we loved challenging our YWRs, and all convention attendees, to a "selfie challenge".  Our YWRs needed to take a selfie with 11 different people in under 48 hours.  They passed out purple beads to those who took a selfie with them.  A few of our BOD members had a lot of purple beads...consider yourself blessed if you received one! 

Helpful Information from our Financial Secretary, Irene Mensing

The voting delegates at the District Convention prayerfully considered the Board recommendation and passed a $265,000.00 mite goal for the 2018-2020 biennium.  But before we could start giving our mites to these new grants, we needed to pay off the remaining $10,931 to cover our 2016-2018 mission goal.  The last grant to "Tuition Assistance for Students Seeking a Lutheran High School Education" has now been paid. 

After paying the grant we have $20,788 in mites to start on our new goal.  On our website,, we have a Mite $ thermometer to keep track of mites needed to fulfill our goal.  This is updated about one week after the end of each month.  Now that we are in our 2nd quarter of the biennium we will need to average $11,629.14 per month. 

WOW - can we do it?  Of course, we can!  

We have many ways we can give to mites:

  • The Gospel Outreach committee provides us with a monthly mite calendar  
  • Give to mites at our society meetings
  • Give a memorial or honorarium in the name of a loved one.  Your society should have a memorial envelope for you or use a Contribution Form which can be found on the website. 
  • Make a one-time special donation by going to our website, and click on the Donation tab.
  • Sign up for Joyful Response. This is a way for you to automatically contribute to mites.  On our website go to Resources and under District Forms you will find Joyful Response.  Print the form and send it to your financial secretary (address below) or request a form and she will mail one to you.  

Irene Mensing is your LWML Minnesota South District Financial Secretary for the next four years.  You can reach her via email at, mail to her at 41000 50th Street, Blue Earth, MN  56013 or call her at 507-525-1970.  She is willing to tackle any questions you may have about mites.  

"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask
anything according to his will, he hears us." 
1 John 5:14 NIV

Hunde's Story

Above you see Hunde, a courageous Christian, a the Oromo Church at Emma's Lutheran.  The OELMS is in partnership with LINC, which has helped start over 20 churches in the last 5 years.

Bible translation is especially challenging in some African cultures because there are no words for certain concepts, like snow. A literal translation of Isaiah 1:18 into the Bassa language would be, “Your sins were red as scarlet, now they are as white as ice shavings!”

Hunde is not a Bassa speaker but his experience with snow was just as limited. As a young Ethiopian man flying into America for the first time he could not figure out why the ground below was covered in ash.

He had won the visa lottery and hopped a plane to Minnesota as quickly as he could. He did not speak English well and had no idea where he would go once he got here. He just came, completely on faith. 

Maybe you are wondering, “Why, of all places, did he come to Minnesota?”  Hunde’s answer is the same as many others: the reputation in Ethiopia is that Minnesota weather is cold but the people are warm.”  Hunde found that initial bit of warmth in an unlikely place, but it would later turn very cold. 

Once landing at the airport and with no place to go Hunde thought he might have to live there until he figured something out. Eventually he found someone working at the airport who spoke his native language. This led to a temporary place to stay. 

This man was a devout Muslim and Hunde was (and is) a devoted Christian and follower of Jesus. These differences quickly became apparent. Hunde, much like Daniel in the Bible, prayed boldly and regularly every day. He was told by his Muslim host that he was not allowed to pray Christian prayers in this house. Hunde responded to him, “You eat bread to live physically. I pray to live Spiritually. I cannot stop praying.” 

The hostility escalated when the sister of Hunde’s host took a knife and multiple times tried to slit his throat. Hunde prayed, she fumed, but she was physically held back by something supernatural. He knows this because she confessed it to him.

God had His hand on Hunde during his first days here and continues to bless him in many ways.  Today Hunde is no longer alone.  We are honored at LINC Twin Cities to be a part of the family that is walking with him. 

We are helping Hunde begin his formal seminary training and praying about where in the Twin Cities God is calling him to lead a church. He continues to pray steadfastly and live every moment of his life by faith.  He, like many of our local mission leaders, works a full time and gives every moment of his life to the pursuit of following Jesus. 

We are actively raising funds right now to offset the cost of the seminary. Please consider how God may be calling you to help.

When you support LINC Twin Cities you are investing in the transformation of our community with the Gospel. Our vision is big and so are our needs to accomplish all of it. Thank you for your partnership in this great work!

With joy,

Pastor Ben Griffin
Executive Director, LINC Twin Cities

Holy Cross Lutheran, Prior Lake ~ Arboretum Visit

This past July, women from Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Prior Lake took a small drive to Chanhassen and enjoyed both art and nature. The ladies visited the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to spend time looking at the large display of metal origami mixed among God's beautiful trees and flowers.  A nice break out of the sun also allowed the ladies to enjoy the smaller origami displays inside the main building. Enjoying nature and friends was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a 1,137-acre horticultural garden and arboretum located about four miles west of Chanhassen, Minnesota at 3675 Arboretum Drive, Chaska, Minnesota.   It's truly a spot to enjoy the beauty and goodness of God's wonderful creation.

St. Paul, Rost Township ~ A Meeting at the Winery

For their July meeting, the women of St. Paul, Rost Township, met for their regular meeting at the Round Lake Winery.  Instead of the typical 8 or 9 women that attend a meeting, there were 20 women in attendance.  Pastor Sage led the women in a short devotion and their regular meeting was held.

To initiate this special event, all women of the congregation were personally invited to attend via a phone call.  The results were wonderful and one gal in attendance at the winery meeting has now become a member of the LWML.  We continue to thank and praise God for His guidance and in bringing other women to help us in our mission.

Last, but certainly not least ~ THANK YOU!

Dear LWML MN South Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Praise be to God for His steadfast love and faithfulness!  As the summer winds down and the school year awaits on the horizon, there are many things that consume our lives and econ our attention and resources.  The weight of it all can be overwhelming, and we often find it hard to move on when the stress of “the check list” is too great.  I pray that this letter finds you all resting in the promises of God in His Word, and clinging to the cross in everything you do.

Have I mentioned that life can be busy?  It sure has been for Kari and I in the last month.  We have been tremendously blessed to have visited a lot of our family in both MN and NE, witness several weddings of good friends (one more coming this weekend!), help my parents pack for their move to Waconia, MN, preach at a couple of services, spend some much-needed time fishing, and catch up with many dear friends.  While we have been home on campus between our trips, I have stayed busy with work and Kari just started working in her pre-school classroom at Immanuel, Wentzville!  Several woodworking, gardening, and fixing projects, as well as reading and the occasional nap, have occupied the moments and hours in between.  With the school year quickly approaching, there is much to get ready and to be excited for also!

We ask that you would keep Kari and I in your prayers, as we go day-by-day with adjusting to our new life together as student and teacher, husband and wife.  One of the most challenging yet rewarding things we have encountered so far in our marriage has been learning how to do “the unknown.”  This has included switching titles for a vehicle, diagnosing issues with said vehicle, trying new recipes, juggling work schedules, or how to properly clean and care for something.  While we are thankful that we go through these things together and build each other up in the midst of them, we do rely heavily on God’s grace and forgiveness.  Life may seem to be chaotic and a mess at times, but we know that these struggles in life are only temporary compared to the grand bill of God’s eternal love and life in Christ.

Devotional thought:
One of the first places that I look in a moment of stress and over-burden is the book of Psalms.  Here, in this book, King David and other have recorded verses upon verses of profound wisdom and insight, as well as honest prayers to God of the various struggles and joys alike that life can bring.  One of the Psalms in particular that I go to is Psalm 121.  Verse 1 begins with these timeless words:  “I lift my eyes to the hills.  From where does my help come?  My help comes from the Lord, who made Heaven and earth” (ESV).  Hills, or mountains, are often referred to in two different ways.  When we think of a hill or a mountain figuratively we immediately think of a struggle or burden that is just too great for us to bear.  We become frightened, stressed, and anxious that there is no foreseeable way for the mountain to fall off from our shoulders.

However, the Psalmist here is talking of the hills as strength and power.  The psalmist is observing the grand beauty of the hills and acknowledges that God indeed made them, the earth and the heavens, and everything in them.  The same God who made all of this is the one who comes down into our lives and hearts.  While the Psalmist does not say that we will never face trials or tribulations or mountains in our lives when God is with us, he does show us that we are not to be afraid or worry.  God’s power and strength is our help in the valley and moments of our weakness.  He is stable when we are weak, sleepless when we are tired, protector when we are in danger.  He even sent Immanuel (“God among us”) to suffer and die in our place, so that we may have new life and strength in Him.

Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and love.  Kari and I are truly blessed by you all.  Today, I leave you with these words of Psalm 121:8, as you face the crazy and messy moments in your life:  “The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in, from this time forth and forevermore.”

Thank you all, again, for all of our prayer and support.  Kari and I are blessed to be uplifted and supported by you, the LWML.

God’s Blessings and Peace
In Christ,

Ryan Maser