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for the Month of July 2018

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July 2018 eNews


Edition 21

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July 2018

eNews ... a monthly email publication of news and information
by and for the women of the LWML MN South District.

Convention News ~ Officer Elections 

Convention delegates from throughout the LWML Minnesota South District elected District LWML Officers for the 2018-2020 Biennium, as follows:

     PRESIDENT, Deb Vinkemeier;
     VP OF GOSPEL OUTREACH, Carol Hubert ;
     VP OF COMMUNICATION, Shirley Volk;
     FINACIAL SECRETARY, Irene Mensing;
     PASTORAL COUNSELORS, Rev. William G. Sabol and Rev. Francis T. Green;

     Joanne Rosenfeld, Nominating Committee Chairman;
Committee Members:
     Julie Ebert, Audrey Oehlke, Chyeral Stohlmann and Elaine Taggatz;

These new elected officers join their fellow elected District Board members:
     VP of Christian Life, Debi Mahoney;
     VP of Human Care, Pamela Hunter;
     VP of Servant Resources, Kathy Roslansky;
     Treasurer and Memorials & Bequests, Darlene Fretham;
     Pastoral Counselors: Rev. Eric Nelson and Rev. Loel Wessel.

We thank our Lord and Savior for leading these faithful servants to say 'yes' to "Serve the Lord with Gladness" and we pray God's greatest blessings on their work in office, serving you and serving their Lord and helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

Mite Goal for the 2018 - 2020 Biennium

The LWML MN South Delegates voted to set our Mite Goal for 2018-2020 at the amount of $265,000.  Of this amount, $198,750.00 will be available for the LWML MN South Mission Grants during this biennium and $66,250 will be sent to National LWML to fulfill the National Mission Grant goal.  To God be the glory!

Mission Grants Selected

Twenty-one Mission Grant Proposals were presented to the delegates and other voting members of the LWML MN South District during its Convention which was held Friday and Saturday, June 29 and 30, 2018.  Of those presented, 13 were selected.  The grants to be fulfilled during the 2018-2020 Biennium, along with the amount of each grant, is as follows:

The Dwelling Place Domestic Violence Program

$  15,000

Lutheran High School Education Tuition Assistance

$  54,000

LCMS Missionary Support

$  10,000

Minnesota South District Aid Scholarships

$  35,000

Camp Courage - A Place of Hope and Healing

$    4,000

Camp Omega - Rooted*Celebrating*Growing

$  25,000

Two MN South Congregations Connecting Ethnic Neighbors (POBLO)

$  10,000

Trinity HOPE

$    5,000

Lutherans for Life Post-Abortion Crisis Hotline Expansion

$    7,500

Seminary Education for New Pastors in South Sudan (LHF)

$    7,500

The Lydia Project

$  10,000

New Beginnings for Children with Learning Needs (LSEM)

$  10,000

Concordia Seminary's International Graduate School Students Support (partial 
grant amount - original grant request was for $6,500)

$    5,750

   Total Mite dollars to be distributed in MN South District (75% of $265,000 goal):
   (NOTE:  25% is sent to National LWML to meet the National Mite Goal.)


Shepherd of the Valley ~ ReDO Fitness

Pastor Chad Kirchoff of Shepherd of the Valley/ ReDO Fitness in Hastings spoke at the Lake Pepin Zone Rally at Trinity Lutheran in Elgin.  Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church has created a state-of-the-art fitness center within its church facility where people can gather, work out for free, and learn about the Christian faith all at the same time.

“We’re training the body, the mind and the soul,” said Rev. Chad Kirchoff.  ReDO Fitness, a ministry of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), isn’t just part of the church, it is the church, Kirchoff said.  “We’re not a conventional fitness center or church,” he said.

Faith Alive Student Bibles are given out to new and prospective members and more Bibles are needed.  If you are so moved to contribute, you may do so by contacting Pastor Kirchoff at the church at 651-437-7010.

News from The Dwelling Place

PRAYER:  We believe that prayer work is most important.  Everything begins and ends with prayer as we tell God our needs and thank Him for His answers.

Please join us in praising God and trusting Him for:

  • Each home (Sandy's, Ruth's and Esther's) to be filled with Christ's love and the Holy Spirit to be places of transformation, safety, healing, peace and joy.
  • Each precious woman and child living in Sandy's Place, Ruth's Place and Esther's Place and trusting God as He attends to each and every need with His wisdom, strength, and love.
  • Each case manager (Kassie, Grace, Karla, Cindy, and Jessica) sharing Christ's love daily with women and children as they attend to various needs, provide leadership, input and support, care for children, and engage with volunteers.
  • The success of our May Matching Gift: Blessing Esther's Place.  We praise God for each and every supporter!  Through the generosity of so many we matched 95% of the matching gift of $35,000, providing a total of $66,500 for Esther's Place.  This equates to 3 months of support for four families (mother and two children) who live at Esther's Place.  Esther's Place provides space for 4-6 families (up to 14 people.)  
  • The Dwelling Place Leadership as they guide and guard The Dwelling Place with faithfulness and dedication to God.
  • Lydia's Place, our 4th home and 2018 summer renovation project.  We trust God to provide volunteers to assist once again with the preparation of this home. 

Every Ministry Partner God provides to share in accomplishing this good work.  We are so grateful for each one!

CARE:  We believe that the ability we have to truly care comes from the heart of God.

Because you care we want to share how encouraged we are with the ways women and children are progressing with meeting their goals and growing in their understanding and relationship with God, self, and others.  

Because we serve mothers with children as well as single women there are similar and different kinds of needs requiring specific goals that match the unique circumstance.  


  • Two families joined us this month.  They are currently in the process of transition and adjustment. We appreciate your prayers for them.
  • Two women secured steady employment

Significant improvements are evident in children both physically and emotionally

Share:  We believe God gives to us so that we may give with joy for the benefit of others.  

Every gift is a blessing!  The time/talent of volunteers, basic needs supplies, renovation work, supplies and goods, and financial support are meaningful gifts that make a difference!

BASIC NEEDS DRIVES: Recently young men (8th graders) at Maranatha Christian Academy in Brooklyn Park (students in Linda Blesener's Bible class) coordinated a basic needs drive for The Dwelling Place.  Linda Blesener brought the donations to our office.  What a blessing these young men provided with the help of their families for The Dwelling Place! Thank you for sharing these good things with us! We appreciate help with these everyday needs in our homes.  

VOLUNTEERS:  Every day we thank God for volunteers who share their time and abilities with us by attending to lawn-care needs, assisting with child-care and with women's programs, helping with office needs and events, or working on the renovation of house.  Every volunteer makes a difference!  Become a volunteer! 

FINANCIAL SUPPORT:  We welcome and appreciate gifts of financial support. Please prayerfully consider these options as ways to assist us financially:

  • Recurring monthly giving
  • One-time gifts
  • Designating proceeds from a garage sale or celebration event for The Dwelling Place 
  • Using matched employee/employer contribution opportunities
  • Asking your church if they would include The Dwelling Place in mission giving

Recognizing or honoring a loved one with a gift to The Dwelling Place.

PREPARE:  We believe there is always a "next thing" in the work God provides that is both meaningful and rewarding.

An Update on Lydia's Place ... Renovation work on Lydia's Place (our 4th house) is taking place now during the summer.  Please use our volunteer link and identify "renovation" if you wish to be contacted with opportunities to serve.  There will be opportunities for groups and individuals who are specific skills in construction and who have no previous experience but are willing to help. 

Our LWML Future - Our Hope

Perhaps some of you noticed a young lady seated at the technology table at the front of the convention space during convention.  Her name is Eleanor Senart, the 13-year-old daughter of Shirley Volk, our new Vice President of Communication.  Eleanor has been instrumental in assisting with the preparation and display of the PowerPoint presentations shown on the screen during the convention.  Eleanor was kind enough to share her thoughts on LWML and our Convention with us.  She writes:

If I had to sum up the LWML MN South Convention, I would say it is a fun place for Christian women to get together to connect and praise the Lord. I am 13 years old and have attended three National LWML conventions, but this was my first district convention. I have attended the national conventions with my mom, grandma, and my great grandma, and always have a blast. National conventions have camps for children and teens, so you take field trips to science museums and zoos, you get to make new friends from all over the United States, and I get to visit a new state. This year I attended the district convention with my mom, because my mom ‘voluntold’ me to come and help with the convention PowerPoint. When my mom first told me, I was excited because I haven’t attended a district convention. However, now that I have attended the district convention, I am so excited for the next one. If I was to compare it to a national convention, I would say it is less hectic, but it provided more time to connect and meet more people. I got to meet Michelle Zollinger, the National LWML Representative and former President, Margaret Hesemann. (Check out my selfie shown above with Michelle and Margaret!) Michelle is really nice and friendly. I also got to have lunch with all of the YWRs and former District Presidents, which was a lot of fun. In the future, I hope to continue to attend the district conventions and be a YWR (when I am old enough) and maybe hold an office someday. Well, if you didn’t attend the District Convention, you should; and I hope you will come in 2020!