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Mites At Work

What an amazing quarter that I have experienced and read how our mites are bringing many to know Jesus. I attended The Dwelling Place gala in October. It was very moving to hear the testimony of domestic victims coming to The Dwelling Place for safety. Their testimonies along with tears of joy told how they found hope and Christ Jesus as their Savior. It was also moving to hear from each staff tell about their faith and sharing it with the other staff and the victims and children that stay there. They are doing a wonderful mission. At the table each person received “A Blessing of Trust” written by an eight year old girl that stayed at The Dwelling Place. I would like to share it with you!

“I know that God loves me and I know He loves you, too. I know that God always keeps His promises and He will not let us down. He tells us about Himself and He listens to me when I talk to Him. He helps us get food and takes care of us like a Dad. He always knows what to do and is with us wherever we go. I want God to take care of you and The Dwelling Place because He protects us and loves us.”

Tuition Assistance for Students Seeking a Lutheran High School Education mission grant is helping Lutheran High Schools give teens an opportunity to prepare for a Christian life. Martin Luther High School began its 34th academic year on August 23, 2016 with 31 students in grades 9 and 10 and 26 students in grades 11 and 12. Mayer Lutheran High School has 4 International students attending this year. They are Minhyeong Lee (Min) from Chconan-Si, South Korea in 12th grade Jiahao Xie (Jacki) from Zhuhai, China in 12th grade, Keohwoo Kim (Kevin) from Seoul, South Korea in 10th grade, and Jihyuck Mun (Deron) from Seoul, South Korea in grade 9th. In December, 40 students will be traveling to El Paso, TX and Anapra, Mexico for a 10 day mission trip in getting to know the people and sharing the love of Christ with them. I will have the pleasure of joining them on this great mission.

25 students received financial aid from the MN South District Student Aid Scholarships for the 2016-2017 school year. They are Rachel Holten, Lynnea Marlatt, Kelsey Charron, Martha Kulberg, Mark Zieroth, Connor Wondrasch, Jessica Anderson, Thomas Gustafson, Daniel Haglund, Elizabeth Parrish, Alison Rudolph, Willow Schuckert, Leah Stroming, Laura Taranto, Mackenzie Thiesfeld, Kara Zieroth, Jesse Baker, Andrew Jones, Kevin Koester, Daniel Ondov, Joshua Otterman, Joshua Parrish, Andrew Pronsati, Benjamin Stoebig, and Calep Weight. These students are all attending a Concordia University or Seminary.

It is with sad news that John Hall the founder of Trinity/HOPE was diagnosed with inoperable and terminal esophageal cancer in the beginning of this year. He will continue on as long as he is able too. He rejoices that God had blessed Trinity/HOPE to provide a noon meal to 22,500 children, teachers and cooks in 113 schools each day. The Trinity/HOPE Executive Board will continue to carry on John Hall’s vision in his stead.

“A Children’s Garden of Bible Stories” in Spanish is the new project for the school year in 2016-2017 for our mission grant Catechisms for Sudan and Minnesota’s Sudanese Immigrants. Rev. Carlos Winterle a missionary from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil is teaching people with his new tool, Luther’s Small Catechism printed by LHF in the native language. He feels the catechism is the most important book after the Bible, especially for those that are not well educated.

Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane report from Professor John T. Pless wrote that he taught a two week intensive course on “The Life and Work of the Lutheran Pastor” to nineteen students. The students engaged in class discussion in a wide range of topics. Dr. Werner Klan from LTH in Oberursel, Germany (a sister seminary) taught a two week course on the office of the ministry in the Lutheran Confessions along with himself (Professor John T Pless) teaching pastoral theology. Students could clearly see the connection between confessional doctrine and confession practice. Each student received a copy of The Pastor as well as The Pastor at Prayer provide by donors from the USA.

Rick McCafferty who we are supporting through the mission grant Pastoral Training for Alaskan Native has helped reach 23 Native Alaskan villages with 50 boxes filled with food. He is hoping to work more closely with a gal who is starting a non-profit call “Grandma’s House” in Tanana village. This is a place for young people to come to for activities. Rick’s vision is to work more closely with these young people to address the issues of suicide and abuse that continues.

Deb Vinkemeier

Vice President of Gospel Outreach